Alex Aikiu is a French multidisciplinary artist, working as a composer, performer, painter, videographer, and photographer. At the age of 21, he signed his first contract as an artist/composer/singer with Sony Columbia Records. From 2007 to 2018, he styled and sometimes advised fashion advertising campaigns in Europe and the USA, working with renowned photographers such as Rankin, Karl Lagerfeld, Satoshi Saikusa, Horst Diekgerdes, Bryan Adams, and Jean Paul Goude. His work has appeared in major publications such as Elle France, Harper's Bazaar US, and V Magazine, and for brands such as Chanel and Kenzo. In 2022, after four years of photographic and painting studies, Aikiu began his photographic career, creating works that express his sharp sense of rhythm, lighting, framing, and studio scenography. His photographs are inspired by painting, Pop Art, Flemish still life paintings, album covers, and cinema. In 2023, he shot his first photographic series for fashion publications Flaunt, Spur, L'Officiel, and the Parisian lyric florist Muse. He was also invited to teach photography to second-year students at the Institut Français de la Mode (IFM). In May 2023, he performed as a singer in performance artist Rosa Barba's ‘Hear, There, Where the Echoes Are’ installation at the Centre Pompidou’s Movement festival. In 2023 he exhibited his work as a visual artist for the first time in various exhibitions in Paris and Istanbul

Alex Aikiu is one of the featured artists in the collective exposition Path of Flow, which initiates a dialogue between photographers, sculptors, painters and video artists. Path of Flow is the first exhibition of the 2743 km project curated by Eylul çekiç , Pierre Allizan, a series of exhibitions between Istanbul and Paris featuring artists from the two emerging art scenes; Istanbul and Paris.
Alex Aikiu is showing the following new photography/work « Sonores » Full and empty surfaces, attraction and repulsion of lines and forms that appear, stretch and evaporate.
4 visuals: Full and empty surfaces, attraction and repulsion of lines and forms that appear, stretch and evaporate.
Exhibition from August 24th to September 9th
By appointment : 2743kmproject@gmail.co

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Photography Alex Aikiu
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